Frequently Asked Questions

Is it scary?

Short answer: No.


Long answer: Our rooms are not designed to give you a fright, but to fill you with delight. Obviously we cannot know or avoid everyone's phobias, but we do our best to keep things relatively calm.  If you have any concerns after reading the description of the rooms, feel free to message us and if need be, we can make a work around with enough lead time.

Do I have to sign a waiver?

Short answer: Yes.

Long Answer: Yes.  However, the liability waiver is a standard practice of most escape rooms. It is to protect you and your guests, as well as the business. If you have any questions about it, feel free to reach out and we will do our best to explain.

Am I really locked in and can't leave?

Short answer: No.

Long Answer: No. We don't ever lock anyone in a room. The door is closed to keep our games design a mystery to those who may be entering another room, or using the restroom while they wait for their room to be ready. But you will never be locked in.

How long will it take?

Short Answer: Approximately 1 hour and twenty minutes

Long Answer: It really depends on you.  The rooms are designed to be solvable within an hours time. Some players are more experienced and others just lucky. But from start of the clock til we take your photo, about an hour and twenty minutes.

Can I go to the bathroom?

Short Answer: Yes.

Long Answer: Of course you can.

Longer Answer: Yes, you can leave the room and come back. However the clock doesn't stop, and we really don't want you to miss out on the fun. We encourage all our guests to arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early to use the restroom and go over the rules of the game.

Is it handicap accessible? 

We make every effort to ensure anyone can participate in our games. If you have any concerns ahead of time, please call us. We can even meet outside of business hours if needed.

What age range is appropriate for an escape room?

Our answer: All ages. From Kindergartners to Centenarians. Our rooms are designed so that families can enjoy them. Our easiest room is geared toward ages 6 (with help) to the entire family unit (extended family included). The easiest room can also be solved by a group of young kids by themselves, with an average age of 9; though, we know there are some VERY smart kids out there.​

The adult rooms are suitable for all ages as well, but because they can be a bit trickier, we recommend kids be age 10 at minimum. Although, with proper supervision other ages can partake.

Other escape rooms: Well, you'll just have to ask them. But we've seen most suggest age 10 and older. This is where we differ from most escape rooms. We value the family experience.

I'm camera shy, do you really have to take my photo?

Short Answer: No, we don't have to if you would rather us not.

Long Answer: No. However, part of the liability waiver includes the use of any photos we may take to use in promotions for our website, social media accounts, or advertising. But we will never force you to be photographed.  

Will I have fun?

We certainly hope so!  We had fun designing the puzzles.

How challenging are your rooms?

Well, that depends. The rooms are not designed to be impossible, but there are a few tricks to solving them. Most notably, communicate with the others in your room. If you find something, speak up. It could be important.

What should I bring?


Well, frankly, you just need yourself. But if you do bring anything, we will have lockers available where you can lock anything up that you need to (jackets, purses, phones, keys) and you keep the key with you. Cell phones are permitted in the rooms, for emergency reasons, but not able to be used. Everything you need will be provided for you, including flashlights.  We don't want you to give away any secrets by posting photos of the room...because, you know you can't let your best friend beat your time!


Can I cancel or reschedule?

We understand life sometimes throws us a curveball.  Maybe a flat tire, having to work overtime, or sudden unexpected illness prevents you from coming. We're glad you want to come. We will gladly reschedule your reservation, provided we can.

Any cancelled reservations made with more than 24 hours notice is free.

A cancellation not made within 24 hours of the start time however, will result in a 5% cancellation fee. 

However, repeated reservations and subsequent cancellations will not be accepted. 

What if I'm running late?

While we encourage everyone to arrive 15 minutes prior to their room reservation, we understand sometimes things happen.

We will make every effort to accommodate you and your group, but we simply cannot hold up our other guests who may have booked the time slot after you. If at least one member of your party is there, we will start the game as close to on time as scheduling will allow. We will allow you to join your party, but you may have missed out on some fun. To be safe, just call us (or someone in your group) and ask.

Who's in the room with me? 

While our game masters may not be physically in the room, we do have eyes and ears watching and listening in. Creepy? Not in the least. We are simply there to help guide you along should you need help. 

If you would like to challenge yourself to solving the room with just your group, we suggest booking the entire room, or calling us to see what we can do. We like a good challenge ourselves.

What if I don't solve it? Do I get any hints?

C'mon, you got this! We know you're a smart cookie. You chose us, didn't you?

But in the event you need a little help, that's where our game masters can provide that nudge you needed. We don't limit our hints to a specific number, but rather gauge our guests abilities based on what we've seen and heard. If it's staring you in the face, we might just be silent so we can hear that bell ring. If you absolutely need a hint, just ask. We will never give away the final answer though.


If you don't solve it and would like to try again, we suggest not asking for the solution. 

Got it all? Have any questions? Just reach out to us by phone, email or use the chat option below and we will be happy to help.