Join Our Beta Club

So you want in on all the secrets? You want to know all there is to know about Lucky Break Escapes? Well, fill out an application then. This is just for testing our rooms and providing feedback. But it will definitely be fun to do either!

What we need are dedicated, detail oriented people to complete two parts of the beta process before our rooms go live to the public.

First, we need you to enter the room and give us feedback on the feel of the room, based on its intended theme, description, and goal.

Then, we need you to solve the room. And we mean completely solve it. You could be in there for twenty minutes to two hours. We don't know. Generally we will stop you at an hour and 30 minutes, because at that point we should have enough data as to what works and what doesn't. 

Afterwards, you complete a short survey and give us your opinion of the room, the complexity, the best things, and the worst. And please, be brutally honest. It can only help us.

We may call you back for a second run through of the room again, provided we need to test it again. 

Please note, if you sign up as a beta tester, you will likely be paired with others whom you don't know. But because you are in a select group, you will likely meet again.

Still interested? Great! Follow the link below to sign up as a Beta Tester. If approved, we will reply to the email you provide with instructions.

Anyone under age 18 must have parent or legal guardian's permission to participate in the Beta Club, and be accompanied by permitting adult.

1)  Favorite subject you studied in school

2) Favorite movie

3) Favorite game or gameshow

Thanks for submitting!