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Remember our rooms are able to accommodate a wide range of individuals. While some rooms may be better suited for young players, others are not. Please feel free to ask any questions using the chat feature or by e-mailing or calling us directly. We will be happy to answer anything you may have a concern about. 

We use a 5 bone rating system, the more bones, the more you have to dig for clues.


Alien Agenda

Elvis is dead, right?

You just got a great new government job at Area 51. While waiting for transport to the base in the cafeteria at Groom Lake Airport, you overhear another A51 worker mention something about Elvis. Knowing your mom believes he was abducted by aliens, your ears perk up. The words, "Space", "Craft", "Aliens", and "Elvis" are all used in one sentence. Could it be? Is Elvis alive and off living with Aliens? Your mother would be so disappointed if you didn't go snooping around to find out the truth.

1-10 players 

Approximately 1 hour

Ages 10 + recommended

Difficulty setting
Your Mother Wants You To Push This Button

Bedtime Story

Time to get ready for bed!

It's getting late and you need to get ready for bed. But your room is a mess! Start picking up and putting things back where they belong so you can get a good nights rest. Just don't forget your favorite Teddy Bear.

This is our kids room. It is intended for ages 5 and older to participate. Participants with children under the age of 10 must have a responsible person over the age of 18 in the room. We encourage our guests let the little ones think without giving all the answers away. You will be surprised at how their minds work.

2-8 Players    

Approximately 45 minutes

Ages 5 +

Difficulty setting
Difficulty setting
It's Time for Bed

Dr. Fuzzie's Furiously Frantic Furry Fiasco!!

Dr. Harry N. Fuzzie, a mad scientist, has captured local neighborhood pets to perform experiments on them.  He has left his lab briefly, in your hands, only to wed his equally mad assistant Miss Annie Sheds. The wedding ceremony only lasts one hour. Is that enough time for you to free all the captured animals? Or will Dr. Fuzzie and his bride return in time to catch you like a rat in a cage?

2-10 Players 

Approximately 1 hour

Ages 10 + Recommended

Difficulty setting
Difficulty setting
Difficulty setting
Difficulty setting
Difficulty setting
Let the Fur Fly Free